Drone hire ¦ F.a.q

Q. ¦ Why do I need you, and what can you do for me?

We are living in a time of unprecedented volumes of visual media. We humans are driven by our visual acumen; technology has advanced to the point where we now have high resolution video on tap wherever we are, as well as static images.

We as consumers now demand and expect lush, crisp stills and video integrated into our daily visual experience. Nazca is here to deliver it. From sports clubs to weddings, advertising shoots to crop analysis, we ensure that you get the results you need.

Q. ¦ What's involved, aside from flying a drone?

The safeguards, checks and permissions that must be put in place before every shoot are 70% of the job. These are necessary not just to comply with the law, but more importantly to operate with minimum risk.

If this sounds inconvenient, remember that only CAA qualified drone pilots can get insurance for commercial activities. So if you use a cheap unlicensed operator, you'd have no comeback if something went wrong.

If you're like me, you don't expect to be in an accident when you take a taxi, but I still wouldn't get in one if I knew the driver wasn't insured. 4KG Drones that can reach speeds of over 50mph can maim and kill.

People, animals, property, vehicles and other airspace users are always at risk. Always Ask to see the commercial permissions from your operator!

Q. ¦ I want a combination of aerial and 'normal' content. Can you do that?

Yes of course!  We're happy to help you create whatever content you need for your project.

Q. ¦ I'm a property/real estate agent - do you offer packages for multiple properties?

Yes, we do.  If you'd like to use us for your property or estate marketing content, then get in touch to arrange a deal and cover multiple listings economically.

Q. ¦ I need some aerial content but I think it would be too complex for a single operator..

Our Inspire RAW system has a dual controller setup, which means a pilot and separate cameraman can operate the drone at the same time. We can provide the cameraman or you can, simple as that.

Q. ¦ What kind of drone do you use, and why?

We use DJI Inspire craft equipped with Zenmuse X5R cameras, an industry standard for quality aerial work.

Using a micro four thirds sensor the X5R delivers beautiful content consistently, and can even livestream broadcast-ready 720p footage.

Hi-res lossless (RAW) video recording is possible all the way up to 4K thanks to the X5R's built-in Solid State Drive.

Q. ¦ Why aren't there fixed prices?

You'll find that most drone companies and operators don't provide fixed pricing on their websites.  This is because each job is completely different; the amount of work that goes into a job behind the scenes doesn't always correlate with the perceived scale of the job itself.

Understanding the steps required to operate legally will give you a better insight into pricing.  Several hours of work can go into a job before arriving at location. Once onsite, further assessments have to be made to identify and minimise live risk and liability.

Skipping any of these steps will render the operator's insurance legally useless, so again, be wary of operators that work at extremely short notice and always ask to see the operator's certificates of aerial work permissions and insurance. 

Despite the complexities, professional aerial operators continue to offer great value for money with ten Hi-Res stills edited and retouched in Lightroom and Photoshop delivered digitally for as little as £150 all-in.

Q. ¦ Can you deliver prints of stills as well as/instead of digital files?

Yes we can.

All prints up to and including 18″ x 12″ are superior quality C-type prints, and sizes larger than this are produced on a hi-def Lightjet printer which means no quality loss at larger sizes.

The paper used is Fuji Crystal Archive paper to guarantee quality and longevity.

Q. ¦ Won't the results be the same, whoever we choose?

Image quality is paramount to us, as we are photographers first and foremost. Our whole ethos is to provide the absolute best for your project, whatever it may be.

Be sure to scrutinise the quality and standard of content on an operator's website before commissioning them, as flying a drone is one thing, and capturing quality imagery is another.